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The Kitchen Stove - Where Did It Come From?

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Did you know that the first Kitchen stove was created nearly 150 years ago? That credit can be given to a man named Benjamin Thompson, or widely known as Count Rumford. His idea behind the kitchen stove was to move away from traditional hearth cooking and provide a device to control heat for the purpose of efficiency and safety.

Fast forward over a century and look how far along we have come! There isn’t just one option for kitchen stoves anymore. We now have a variety of stoves to choose from including the cooktop or freestanding ranges. You most often find the 2 burner cooktop, though there are options available to have various numbers of burners. Freestanding ranges are traditionally 4 burners, however again, options are available.

If you’re looking for a new stove for your kitchen space, be sure to keep in mind your price range and desired look. For instance, going with the above mentioned 2 burner cooktop, you will need to plan for custom installation and the average price is a bit higher than a freestanding range. This is exactly what you want if you are looking to give your kitchen space a custom feel though. The freestanding range will offer easier installation and lower prices, however you will have more of a generic stove look in your kitchen. Regardless of what you decide, be thankful that you no longer have to cook out of a hearth!