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Why You Should Stay Away From Classic Ice Boxes

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When it’s time to pack up and hit the road, we always think about food and drinks. Depending on if you’re going camping or hitting the water to set sail, food and drinks are necessities. With that, however, is the coldness you need to keep these perishable items chilled and more enjoyable to ingest. If this sounds like a problem that you always seem to encounter, you may be due for an RV refrigerator. RV refrigerators are becoming the new “ice box” of boats and RVs everywhere. But why you ask?

No melting ice.

Don’t worry about soggy food from melting ice. We’ve all been in the situation where you pack a sandwich, and somehow it ends up on the bottom of everything with a big puddle of water surrounding it. Melted ice causes problems, and it ruins food, making it unusable. Eliminate this problem by investing in a refrigerator for your boat or RV!

Keep consistent temperatures.

When you decide to forego an ice box, you’ll be able to rely on set temperatures. This only means that you control how cold you want your milk to be, and never worry about food becoming frosted over with small ice chips, like in coolers.

No organizational problems.

Don’t worry about trying to find the ketchup at the bottom the cooler any longer! When you have an RV refrigerator, you’ll be able to organize all of your perishable items just like you do at home. Keep condiments in the door, veggies in a drawer and milk on the shelf!