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No Lighter Fluid, No Bad Temperature

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When it comes to grilling, we’re sure you have a favorite food that provides you with mouth-watering tastes leaving you wanting more. If this sounds like you, then you need to invest in a smokeless grill from Coolers N’Things. At Coolers N’Thing, you can find many different smokeless grills. Because smokeless grills are far easier and less dangerous than propane grills, we’re giving you some reasons why you may want to leave the propane stored away.

Using lighter fluid on grills is a no-no.

Many people don’t know any better, but lighter fluid or match-light coals are a no-no. Sure, this may be a mistake that many beginner grills have made, but it is not very tasty, and it could be dangerous. Put down the lighter fluid, and don’t let your food taste like the fluid you used to create that fire to cook on.

It’s hard to find the right temperature.

Using coals makes it difficult to find the right cooking temperature, which means you may end up with burnt ribeyes that could have been a great main course meal! A mistake when using coals, is that people spread the coals before they are fully gray. Moving the coals around before they’re ready to be moved can cause the coals to not fully evolve into a heat source.

Investing in a smokeless grill is a better alternative to dealing with coals providing an unpredictable temperature and having chemically enhanced food. Shop online with us today and contact us if you have any questions!